Twitter CEO Dorsey sees Bitcoin as a good example of cybersecurity

According to Jack Dorsey, the blockchain makes it possible to create “trust in an untrustworthy environment”.

The Oslo Freedom Forum, a human rights conference launched by the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), did a short interview on with Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey on YouTube.

During the conversation, Dorsey was also positive about Bitcoin ( BTC )

“The whole idea behind Bitcoin is that you provide a trustworthy system in a non-trustworthy environment, in this case the Internet,” Dorsey told HRF President Thor Halvorssen in an interview on September 25th.

Dorsey made the corresponding statements when the topic of cybersecurity was discussed. In this regard, the Twitter CEO initially stated that he is “of the deep conviction that there is no such thing as perfect security”. Rather, it is about “always being 10 steps ahead of attackers”.

With regard to his own company Twitter, the CEO mentioned several possible ways in which companies can gain the aforementioned advantage over attackers. A constant, self-critical consideration of one’s own security measures is particularly advisable. In addition, the right framework should be chosen for one’s own efforts so that “trust can arise in an untrustworthy environment”.

In this context, Dorsey refers to Bitcoin, because he sees the cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology on which it is based as a good example of an innovation that creates a higher level of security

The reason for this increased security, which is based on the blockchain, is that it automatically creates trust between the participating parties. In addition, people can manage the access or the keys to their assets themselves.

In the further course of the interview, Dorsey emphasized that the blockchain and the associated decentralization could mean a fundamental upheaval for online content, because: “Blockchain and Bitcoin point to a future in which content will be stored forever, in that they are there forever and will not disappear again, as they are stored on every single node of the network. ”

In the past, Dorsey had repeatedly made positive comments about Bitcoin and emphasized the potential of the cryptocurrency.

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