1.3M Super Bowl LVII NFT Avatars: Reddit’s Web3 On-Ramp

• Over 1.3 million official Super Bowl LVII NFT avatars have been minted on Reddit’s Collectible Avatars initiative.
• All users of the Reddit platform may get one of four different Super Bowl avatar designs without spending a dime.
• According to publicly accessible blockchain statistics, users have already minted over 9.7 million of Reddit’s Collectible Avatar NFTs.

Super Bowl LVII NFT Avatars Crosses Over a Million

Overview of the Initiative

Reddit has partnered up with the NFL in order to provide millions of its users with free Super Bowl NFT avatars. This initiative is part of the platform’s Collectible Avatars program, which has already seen over 1.3 million official Super Bowl LVII NFT avatars being minted as of Monday and more than 500,000 created on Tuesday alone. In total, there are 9.7 million Collectible Avatar NFTs that have already been minted by Reddit users since this program started rolling out.

Design Selection

All users of the Reddit platform are eligible to receive one of four different Super Bowl avatar designs including those for the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles for free without needing to spend any money at all. The avatars are being minted on Polygon, a network built on top Ethereum that allows for faster and cheaper transactions compared to other networks like Ethereum itself.

Secondary Market Prices

However, due to it being free to acquire these Super Bowl NFTs from Reddit, there isn’t much trade activity surrounding them yet as they can be obtained without paying anything upfront – only leading NFT marketplace OpenSea has seen roughly 5 ETH ($7,600) worth in exchanges concerning this collection so far with prices starting at just 0.18 MATIC ($0.23) each on the secondary market right now as well.

Onramp For Web3 Adoption

For proponents of Web3 applications and services, Reddit’s collectibles initiative is an attractive way for newbies to enter into this space since it provides an easy-to-follow process – all a user needs is click a button in order to choose an avatar from their gallery before providing their password (or setting up a new wallet if needed) in order to complete the process and obtain their free Super Bowl-themed avatar too!

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